ROVSUN 26lbs 420W 110V Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine Black

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 ROVSUN 26LBS Semi-automatic Twin Tube Washing Machine

    A washing machine is common in each household. Today we are pleased to recommend this 26LBS Semi-automatic Twin Tube Washing Machine to you. This semi-automatic twin tube washing machine is an indispensable machine for your daily life. It can help you to wash dirty clothes quickly. With the first-grade stainless steel & plastic & PP material, it doesn't break your clothes during laundry. And it can keep your clothes as new! It is a very useful gadget for each household. Come to get one back home!



1. Large Capacity: You can operate washer or spinner separately, and you can also run two sides on the same time. The two tub design can meet your different needs. Total capacity:26lbs(washer:18lbs,spin cycle:8lbs), for doing light to medium laundry loads.

2. Timer Control & Powerful Performance: This washing machine comes equipped with separate timer controls for both wash and spin operations, allowing you to customize your washing experience. The wash timer can be set for up to 15 minutes, while the spin timer can be set for up to 5 minutes per load. You can easily adjust the time based on the amount of clothes you need to wash. With a powerful motor that can reach up to 1300RPM and a max frequency of 60Hz, this machine will save you time while providing a thorough clean.

3. Built-in Drain Pump: Built-in drain pump drains dirty water by more longer drainage tube from washer. Drainage tube dimensions: 56.3", more easier, suitable for most family. Easy storage and space saving design.

4. Easy Operation:  Simple design of the operation panel, wash timing, wash options, drain options, and spin timing, more easier to use. Allows you to simply put in your load of clothes, fill with water, set the timer and start washing, completely suitable for everywhere.


Color Black
Material Stainless Steel & Plastic & PP
Power Supply 110V/60Hz
Washer Capacity 18 lbs
Spinner Capacity 8 lbs
Total Capacity 26 lbs
Wash Power 280W
Spin Power 140W
Total Power 420W
Motor Speed 1300rpm/mins
Control Console  Knob
Drain Pump Yes
Inlet Pipe 47 Inch
Drain Pipe 43 Inch
Weight 36.3 Pounds
Dimensions 27.4"L x 16.1"W x 31.9"H

What You Get:

1 x Twin Tube Washing Machine

1 x Inlet Hose

1 x Draining Hose

1 x User Manual

Warm Notice:

1. Before shipping the machine to our warehouse, we do have QC testing on it for ensuring that the washing machine is working fine, so sometimes, it would be a very little remaining water in it, and we also add a desiccant in it for moisture absorption, but it is in new condition.

2. When doing the dehydrating in the spinner tub, please put the pressing plate on top to prevent small items such as socks from being thrown out and causing blockage of the drain pipe.

Product Manuals:

ROVSUN 26LBS Portable Washing Machine Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Karl Lindheimer
Great small washer/spinner

These tiny washer - spinner machines are common in the Philippines which is where I first saw them. After having to downsize, my condo had a small space in my kitchen near the water faucet and drain. This unit fits perfectly in that space whereas a larger standard washer wouldn't. It's very easy to manually fill with hot or cold water and the built in pump allows it to drain above floor level. The electrical components are very reliable and simple, so no issues with complex logic boards malfunctioning. The spinner side holds about 1/2 the washer side load but each dry cycle is only around 4 minutes, so pretty quick. I don't have room for a standard dryer so I just hang my clothes on a clothes rack in my living room and they are dry the next day.

Candie Scott
Amazingly large mini washer.

I had a smaller version it worked well, however I needed something larger. This is incredible. Washer has a strong cycle my clothes are clean! Only wish spin cycle department was larger. All in all very satisfied with this purchase.

C Brink
Cleans good

I loved that it cleans the clothes well. Kind of a pain to constantly drain the water sometimes. But i love it. The spinner spins the clothes out nicely too.

Keyci Maree
PERFECT for my baby clothes!

I was skeptical about getting one of these but really wanted to try it out instead of washing my newborn’s clothes at the laundromat! Telling all my mom friends about it!

Amazing and cheap!

This product was amazing. Super cheap! Good seller

D'Andra Mortimer
Works very well.

Works very well.
Just have to get an attachment fo4 my sink because the hose don't fit.

Little machine

I bought this to do a few little loads while camping for extended periods. This thing,I will say, cleans my granddaughters stains ect. Out better than my big washer. I just can't believe it. Wow. So great for camping.

Just me
Great quality

I love the size. I use mine for a family of 6. And it’s perfect for me. The kids love how dry it rings out the clothes.

Chuck Walker
BIGGER than expect.

Great unit, much bigger than expected! It's still WELL worth it!! I would buy again!


Very good machine recommended for washing small amounts of clothing

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