40 lbs Ice Cubes in 24hrs? ROVSUN Ice Maker Test.

Today we're doing a cool episode, about ice. Thinking about getting an ice maker machine for clear ice cubes at home, or wonder how an ice maker work and what kind of ice comes from them? Well, here's your answer - ROVSUN Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine.

Small but powerful, this ROVSUN ice maker can produce up to 40lbs ice cubes each day, and 24pcs ice cubes per cycle. Only in 13 minutes, you’ll have a block of ice cubes for cooling your cocktails, soda water, or any other beverage and your foods.


Sensors and indicators let you know when you need to add water or when the removable ice bin is full, and an ice scoop is included for easy serving. The transparent window allows you to easily view the progress and amount of ice making in the machine.


The compact size of 11.4L x 14.2W x 13.8H and the weight of 23lbs make it easy to carry. It can be placed on the countertop or desktop, and can be inserted into any position you like. Perfect for camping, boating, parties, gathering and RV trips. And also suitable for kitchens, homes, offices, apartments, coffee shops, etc.


There’s something so satisfying about an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. Whether you're replacing an existing ice machine or looking to buy one for the first time, if you don't need quite as much ice, or if you prefer clear cubed ice, the ROVSUN Portable Ice Maker is a great choice and less expensive.


Click here if you want one: https://shop.rovsun.com/products/rovsun-hzb-18f-countertop-ice-maker-machine-silver


Use this ROVSUN ice maker to give you a different kind of coolness and make it an unsung hero in the hot summer!

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