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Great product

This product is a great product done everything it said it would do and then some I got it for my mom because her air conditioning wasn't keeping up during this hot weather and adding that product made the world a difference she's happy I'm happy thanks for a great product

Very well made!

Packaged well, shipped fairly quickly. The stand is very sturdy with thick steel. The 60qt pot is well made with sturdy handles. I even used my 30qt pot on this stand with no issues. Good unit!!

10000 air conditioning

Great air conditioner works well very little noise

Very Happy

Easy install for experienced DYI. Cools good in 100+ temps.

220 LBS Weight Heavy Duty Electronic Platform Scale with LCD Display Black

California weather

California heat working great here in my living room 113° outside . ☀️😊

Happy with purchase

I was originally concerned the 7.9 gallon reservoir would not last all night, but I've been running it on low for 5 hours and it's still half full. keeping the room cool in 90+ degree weather. Fast delivery.

the scale read the number is not right.

the computing scale don't scale the right weight. I need to return it. can you show me how to do it

please contact customer:

Water distiller

Two weeks in and it works great so far! It is comparable to some of the more expensive models. It shuts off once the cycle is complete but I'd suggest that the user go ahead and stop the cycle when there is still a tiny bit of water in the bottom. This makes cleanup much easier- otherwise there is a tiny bit of burning at the bottom, I assume from the particles left behind that were in the water.
I'm so happy with this purchase I am ordering a second one for a family member.

Worked great, no issues

Worked great, no leaks, perfect fit.

Great size

Didn't know what to expect. I was very pleased with the cool air. I will say if you are thinking it will be like an air conditioner, it's not. But I am very happy with the cool air. Easy to put together and fill water reservoir. Overall happy with purchase.

ROVSUN 18000 BTU 19 SEER2 230V Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump Ductless Inverter & Install Kit

15.8Gal/60L Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control

ROVSUN 12000 BTU 23 SEER2 230V Wifi Enabled Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump Inverter & Install Kit

Everything works great

Nice quiet unit shipping was fast easy install if you do it ,use torque tool on compression fittings a pretty happy for the price.buying 2 more

ROVSUN 14000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner with Wifi Remote App Control & Install Kit

Problem with no response

Order two mini splits. Went to set up my 9,000 BTU unit. Vacuum pumped unit and released the freon. Went to disconnect unit and freon started leaking out. To find out they never tighten valve stem. This caused me to lose over half my freon. I understand human error happens. Contact Rovsun twice by email, no response. Had to have an HVAC company come out and start over and add freon which cost me over $200 dollar and still have not heard anything back from Rovsun.

so sorry, we had refund $250 to you, please check.

Please remember this uses humidity

Unit itself is fine and easy to use. It's just already so humid in Texas it didn't cool the way I needed.

Flame thrower

Sturdy and easy to assemble. I would give it a five star but find that adjusting to low flame is difficult and turned off flame multiple times trying to adjust it to low. It does produce a robust blue flame on 3 burners.

Got these for a private event. Really really nice. Kept the food nice and warm. Easy to clean and polish. Will be using again.

Better than Mr. Cool! Easy DIY!

After helping a friend install a Mr. Cool mini split, I was a little disappointed in the build quality after all the hype. The wiring was not clearly labeled, and the instructions basically said, connect wiring with very little detail. The terminals were a cheap plastic and one of them broke while trying to tighten the wire. So I decided I would do some more research and give another brand a try when installing at my own home. I stumbled across ROVSUN as they had exactly what I was looking for, 9k, 110v, Black, wifi, and a high SEER rating, not to mention the price was great. Overall very pleased I went with ROVSUN. Everything was clearly labeled, the wiring harness had 1-4 numbers on each side, and matching numbers at the indoor and outdoor units made it foolproof. The terminals were proper metal connections, much better quality than the Mr. Cool. The only complaints I have were again, like the Mr. Cool, very poor instructions, and when I first hung the indoor unit on the wall to see if I liked the placement, because I didn't have clear guidance on how to remove, one of the plastic clips broke off when I tried to remove it. My fault for forcing it and not releasing the clip, but better instructions would have prevented this. Unit still hung on the wall ok so not a big deal. Seems to take a few minutes to really start pumping out cold air, but once its up and running cools the room nicely. THIS THING IS SOOO QUIET! Really shocked at how whisper quiet both the indoor and outdoor units are. The wifi feature is nice but again poor instructions made it difficult to setup, make sure you download the correct app, there are several in the app store with very similar names and they won't work. Wish there was a way to integrate with Apple Home like there is with Google. Overall very pleased with the purchase, would definitely recommend giving ROVSUN a chance, don't pay extra for a "Name Brand", build quality for ROVSUN is actually superior.

Awesome Unit

I finally got my unit installed and running. I'm amazed at how quiet and effective it is. I'm an auto mechanic, so i had guages and a vacuum pump, but had to get an adapter to hook to the home unit. Pulled a vacuum and opened up the lines and summer time just got alot cooler!!!

ROVSUN 12000 BTU 19 SEER2 115V Wifi Enabled Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump Inverter & Install Kit