ROVSUN 12000 BTU 19 SEER2 115V Wifi Enabled Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump Inverter & Install Kit

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1. Efficient AC Unit(Inverter): 12000 BTU,115V, 19 SEER2, Pre-Charged up to 25 Feet High Efficient Ductless Mini Split Inverter Plus System with Heat Pump and Dehumidification, AHRI Certified.

2. Automatic System: Auto Defrost, 24 hour timer, Sleep Mode, Eco Energy Saving Mode, Multiple Fan Speed, and Intelligent Compressor Pre-Heating. Power Off Memory Function.

3. Smart Comfort: The unit can easily be controlled and adjusted from the remote control or from the app; also it will sense room temperature then adjusts airflow & temperature accordingly for the ultimate in personal comfort control & energy savings.

4. Quiet Cooler & Heater: Ultra Silent at only 27-42 (dBa) and beautifully built. Unit provides equal airflow in every part of your room and can set the room temperature varying from 61℉ to 88℉ to suit your comforts in just a few minutes.

5. Customer Care: We go above and beyond to provide the highest quality product and top notch customer service. Any problems please contact us, our team attaches great importance to the customer's shopping experience, with us you always shopping stress and risk free!

Technical Specification:

Color White/Black
Style Ductless Mini Split AC with Heat Pump
Controller Type Remote Control/APP Control
Power Supply 115V, 60Hz/1PH
Max. Fuse 25A
Min. Circuit Ampacity 17A
HSPF2 8.5
SEER2 19
EER2 10
Cooling Capacity 12000 BTU
Heating Capacity 12200 BTU
Cooling Power 1130W
Heating Power 1090W
Indoor Noise Level 42 dB
Outdoor Noise Level 52 dB
Indoor Unit Size
8.07"D x 31.92"W x 11.49"H
Outdoor Unit Size
11.42"D x 28.14"W x 19.61"H
Indoor Unit Weight 19.8lb
Outdoor Unit Weight 55.1lb
Copper Wire 16.4FT
Refrigerant R 410A
Timer 24 hours
Temperature Setting 61℉ - 88℉
Coverage Area 450-750 Square Feet

ROVSUN smart Split Type Type Inverter Air Conditioners s with heating function are made with high quality compressor, high speed pure copper motor & inner spiral copper tube which are powerful to quickly cool down / warm your home, office, garage or apartment for maximum comfort in quiet operation, perfect appliance in hot Summer or cold Winter. Comparing with others, machine featured with high SEER grade, which means that it is more energy efficient and much money saving! This unit also has Sleep, Turbo, ECO, Mute and Timer functions; also it can easily be controlled and adjusted from the remote control or from the ROVSUN app. These functions help you enjoy the true individual comfort. We stand behind all of our products with continuous customer support. Join thousands of happy customers around the world who are already part of ROVSUN family.

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· √ Affordable and high-quality item with responsible and round after-sales service.
· √ Directly getting your goods from our warehouse in CA/NJ/GA, faster order for faster shipment.
· √ Professional household appliance solution provider for catering your demand accurately.
· √ Open-minded for any feedbacks for inspiring us to move forward to bring customers a better purchasing experience.

What You Get:

1 x Indoor Unit

1 x Outdoor Unit

1 x Remote Control

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Full Installation Kit

Warm Notice:

1. Please confirm Voltage before making purchase

2. The item comes in TWO boxes and delivery time may be different per box, please don't misunderstand that item lost if you only receive 1 box, the second box supposed to be delivered soon after getting first box


ROVSUN Mini Split Air Conditioner Remote


Product Manuals:

ROVSUN Wifi Enabled Mini Split Air Conditioner Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Penny Secrest

This was easy to install. The unit works great. I have yet to see if it effects my power bill.

Bang for your buck

So I've been in the commercial HVAC buisness for 14 years and have installed the best of the best Mitsubishi. Also LG, sanyo,fujitsu, daikin, pioneer.... all the major heat pump/VRF brands.

This rovsun unit was my first and put in my own home!!! Has gone an entire cooling season and also gone into some of our heating season with some temps dipping into the single digits already and actually still throws good heat when it's that cold. Now this is no Mitsubishi unit by any means, but I'm very impressed for the cost, as Mitsubishi can cost $3000 for the same tonage unit and that doesn't include install.

I like how quiet it is inside and out. It reacts quick in heat mode. It seems durable so far. It has a scroll compressor that you can barely hear. All great things. IDK how it is getting parts but who cares with how cheap it is. Just buy another unit for spare parts!!!

Eric K.
Works Well

I have this in my garage/workshop and it is keeping up fine so far. I am in Minnesota, so I will report back on how it does in the extreme cold.
I was able to add it to Home Assistant. Here are some tips for anyone else looking to do the same. Add it to the smart life app, not the Rovson one. Then set up Tuya Local from HACS (not the cloud Tuya or Local Tuya) and follow the wizard, protocol 3.3, and stick with the recommended device option on the next choice.

Alyshia Hendrix
Works fantastically!

I am happy we finally made this purchase. Kept us cool this summer and wasn't as expensive as a wall unit. Used the heater today, and it warmed our bedroom up fast.

Lloyd Grove
Great but some big caveats

First off, extremely happy with the performance and look of this. I installed myself in my shed/office/workshop and I went from temperature swings between 32 and 105 degrees to not wearing a beanie first thing in the morning or having sweat pouring down my face during video calls.

Doug in Madison
Work great, simple install we have done 4 of these this summer with no issue

Like I said we have put 4 of these RovSun models 12k 110v in our home this summer and all worked perfectly. 2 of the out door units had a ding or two in the cabinet but nothing bad enough for it to bother me. Shipping is usually a day or two quicker than advertised and the two boxes tend to arrive on consecutive days which is no big deal other than it shows delievery d when you only got half of you order. Manual is plenty good enough, wiring is dead simple with every wire numbered. I suppose these are a value based unit for sure but once installed they do the same thing the local hvac rip off company quoted $9000 to do for one unit in our bedroom. Been extra hot this summer in south Florida and these were life changing.

Super efficient!

We bought this for our RV and it works PERFECT!! Run it off of solar panels and 2 100 ah batteries!! So QUIET you have to put ribbons on it to tell it's running!

Our Honest Opinion
Work well and good value

We purchased two Rovsun 12K BTU, 110 Volt units and had some help with the installation. One for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. They seem to be quality built. What we find is that the upstairs unit will cool our entire 1200 SF cottage. We haven’t gone through winter heating yet but I suspect they will perform equally well.

These are super efficient to operate and they are very quiet. We like the swing operation that directs air both up/down and laterally. I can’t say anything about longevity. They were delivered very quickly and we found customer service to be responsive and kind. Would definitely buy again.

jessie j
So far so good

Running as expected at this point; only concern is ocassionally when turn on it gives a code EO, but goes off and functions normal

Easy to use, easy to install wow saving on power.

To start the unit came in two shipments no surprise, slight damage to cardboard boxes on both. A few minor dings on exterior unit, and minor damage to aluminum fins. Nothing major or enough to try to return it. (Used credit cards to straighten some out) On to install, read everything, then read again, watch a few U-tube videos on it. Don't rush, think it over / plan it out. Figure out where to install inside unit and make sure lines are able to reach where you are placing outside unit. Moun wall bracket drill hole in wall for lines. Install inside wiring for it ( follow instructions) carefully bend copper lines to fit though hole and drain line. Guide though hole, install insulated lines with sealant (some was included "I bought a bottle in advance 🤭") don't ham fist fittings. Install/ locate placement for outside unit, hookup lines to it using sealant too. Hookup exterior wiring to unit and exterior power disconnect. Pressure test lines "checking for leaking at fittings" and purge "vacuum lines" disconnect vacuum pump and replace cap. Remove other caps release gas into system, replace caps on valves. Turn on power, go test system and enjoy your new A.C / heating unit. "I couldn't hear it running and thought it wasn't working" at first until I noticed it blowing curtains and cool air.
Side note on remote there is dip switches in back where batteries go that control A.C./ heating. Now I noticed a substantial difference in power usage from other air conditioning units. In prior 5 weeks I had used around 600 k.w. now with this unit I had only used 8 k.w. in 2 days with temperatures over 95° F outside and inside temperature with it a 69-72° F. VS keeping inside temperatures 72°-80° F with other air conditioner.
A friend of mine who has a different brand mini split that cost him 3 times as much.

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