ROVSUN 9LBS Portable Clothes Dryer Tumble Laundry Dryer with LCD Tough Control Panel

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1.Simple Operation: Operating this dryer is an easy-understanding and enjoyable laundry experience according to the material and quantity of clothing you put in it, convenient for people even for the elder and child to operate. Featured with various drying modes for making our life more convenient and healthier

2.Considerate Designs: See through window allows you to observe the drying status at any time; Power-off protection while opening door which can ensure much higher safety; Built-in side handles for easier moving and the bracket is included for mounting dryer on the wall

3.Forward & Reverse Tumble Action: Featured with large-diameter stainless steel from load tumble, this portable laundry dryer adopts the forward and reverse tumble action with inner s-shaped device for easy rotation to prevent tangling, effectively removing wrinkles and restoring the fluffy

ROVSUN Compact Laundry Dryer -- Own Your Family Guardian Angle, Dry and Protect Personal Clothes
ROVSUN high end compact laundry dryer constructed with front-loading high quality stainless steel tumble, it is durable and sturdy for a long service life. In addition, this 800 watts front-loading clothes dryer is perfect for any small space. it is powerful enough to dry up 9 pounds of laundry. Moreover, you can choose the drying mode from various options according to the material and weight of the clothes. It makes it easy to quickly dry clothes, sheets, table linens, and more, without taking up a lot of room - Space Saving Design which is perfect for those in apartments, dorms, RVs or other small living spaces who are tired of air drying their clothes but don't need a full-size machine. Its compact size makes it not taking too much space.


What You Get:

1 x Tumble Cloth Dryer

1 x Wall Mounting Bracket

1 x Exhausted Kit

1 x User Guide


Customer Reviews

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Bee Eaton
Apartment gamechanger

I'm in Chicago, so you can see how that gets exhausting in the winter months. Not to mention dealing with people forgetting their laundry, machines eating quarters, and some tenants taking out your laundry mid cycle so they can steal your remaining time. I got sick of it! So I took a chance and bought this guy.

I didn't realize how much better my quality of life would be. Yes it's small, yes it takes a while to dry. (like at least two hours per load) But it works great! It's not yet a year old, so I don't know about the longevity I've seen other people mention in their comments, but my fingers are crossed it lasts me a few years.

Also, I haven't seen our power bill uptick at all since getting it, so that's also great. If you live in a cold/dry region, this guy will be great for adding some warmth and humidity to your apartment. Added benefit!

Second time’s a charm

The dryer is quiet and dries my clothes. I live in a studio apartment and it is the perfect size. I am happy with my purchase.

Great dryer!!

This is a really good portable dryer. It works really well and drying times is not so bad.

Claire O'Sullivan
GOOD dryers

It is easy to set up, plug in, and run, just be sure it's three pronged (which has the grounded plug) and the correct guage cord for the amperage (current).

Spiritual Lightworker

I don't know why I was missing out on this AMAZING DRYER! I love it! Thank you!

Jessica Fink
Cutest dryer

upon the first load of clothes that I dried, I was surprised once more at how warm the clothes were as well as the fact that I could smell the fabric softener from my clothes which I was very happy about because every time I waste my money at the laundromat and use m expensive fabric softner after using the dryers i am never satisfied. I never leave with good-smelling clothes. But as I previously stated I don't have that issue with this compact dryer. I am very satisfied with it.

Yusley castano
Very good

Very good dryer, so far I have had no problems with it, easy to use and can take a lot of clothes, thanks

Awesome dryer lightweight and gets the job done!

I bought both of their washer and dryers! I bought them because my apartment didn’t have any washer or dryer. They both work perfectly and are easy to set up no issues! I LOVE the convince of having these machines in my apartment. I’ve had it for about two months and I use them every 3-4 days, worth every penny! Btw the dryer can fit a queen size comforter in there along with a sheet or two. I’m a very happy customer!

Crystal h.
I'm pretty amazed 10/10 recommend

I am just so amazed at how well this little dryer works. I can now finished full loads of laundry with a potable dryer to go with my portable washer. It heats well, super easy to assemble it basically comes in one piece, the price if absolutely phenomenal! For this good of a dryer the price is amazing. I've seen many on here that are over $100 more and im so glad I took the chance!


To be so little it’s really big on the inside

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