ROVSUN 4L/6L Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller

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1. EASY TO USE: Push the button and forget it, it'll auto-off when done. Assembly is easy and so is cleanup, no need to purchase and replace dirty filter cartridges, both distiller and container have large openings for easy access and cleaning. Low noise and you can run the unit overnight.

2. FAIR QUALITY: White Baked-Enamel body, 100% 304 stainless steel Inner tank / Inner cap / Water outlet / Water inlet, Aluminum fan, Soft Catheter to prevent leakage, 4L BPA-Free Plastic Container with handle, all materials used are food-grade.

3. SPACE SAVING: Portable design makes it easy for you to carry while on vacation. Suitable for home, office, lab, hospital, clinic, travel, etc.

4. 750W POWER: Distill up to 6 gallons of water per day! Build-in thermostat to prevent overheating and ensure auto-off. Save more money than buying water at the store.


Power: 750W/4L  900W/6L

Voltage: 110V, 50 /60HZ

Inner Container Volume: 1.1 gal/4 L  1.58 gal/6L

Degree of evaporation: 4L:1L/H  6L:1.3L/H

Fan Material: Aluminum

Distiller Material: Food-grade 304 stainless steel

Container Material: Food-grade BPA-Free Plastic

Over-temperature safe: Auto-off when temp is over 320℉

Water bottle size: 4L:7.1" x 6.7"  6L:8"x8"

What You Get:

1x Distiller

1x Water Bottle

1x Discharge Cap

1x Bottle Cap

1x Filter

1x Main Power Cord

1x Chamber Cleaning Powder

1x Water outlet soft catheter (Food grade)

3x Activated charcoal sachet

1x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

So far I like it better than my other one.

A must have for Rovsun machine owners

I have owned a distiller for over 8 years now. I recently bought this one to replace my first distiller which finally quit working. I wanted one when a friend showed me what was left over after he distilled water. I was horrified that I was putting that junk in my body every time I drank tap water. No more. After I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2013, having a distiller became even more valuable to me. It takes about 5 hours to purify a gallon of water, and you might want to run it while you are at work because the fan is a bit noisy. In the long run, this is cheaper, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly than constantly buying distiller water by the gallon at the grocery store. You too will never want to drink tap water after you see what's in your water.

Its been great so far, had it for a few weeks

The one caveat is the cleaning. After a cycle, minerals are left heat dried to the bottom and that can't be helped since its part of the process. Getting it to come off did take some effort. I started using 50% white vinegar to water and it eventually came off. I did some research on white vinegar cleaning stainless steel. Some sites say if the steel is a lower quality, the vinegar acid can pit it and it may eventually rust. The steel seems solid to me so I have been using pure white vinegar to soak for about 30 minutes and the minerals clean off easily. Then I rinse the steel liner out with water. I figure I will take my chances since it cleans so easily using this technique.

Works as described.

It works as described. Will see how it is for durability and longevity. .

I'm impressed

First Impression: I received this today and have had it running for 1 hour. The look is good and the build seems solid. It's a still, so the distilled water produced comes out in drops, once the tap water is heated enough to produce steam. I started with hot water and it started dripping within 30 minutes. Drops are steady and rapid. So far all is going perfectly.

Lasting a while

This is my 4th water distiller in 3 years. It's the cheapest one I've bought so far and it's lasted the longest. I get a 4 hour timer so some water is left in the bottom for easier cleaning. You don't need to dump and clean it every time....I dump it every 3rd load. A load takes 4.5 hours. I love knowing my water is pure....and distilling is the ONLY way to remove fluoride. If you want to do a deep cleaning....pour a splash of white vinegar in it with water and run it for 30 minutes....dump that out.

Great machine!

Great machine and very low noise from the motor. We have used a very old one for some years now (different brand) and the old one finally quit. But wow this Rovsun is like night and day better and with the accessories and catch bottle setting up for distilled water is a snap. I could have used this long ago but I wanted to use up my old machine first. Glad I found this one and I recommend using the cleaning powder to keep it clean. It's good and I'm happy!


Consistency and reliability. Very good.

G. Robinson
Quicker than I imagined

This distilled the water in very little time, so I use it for more than I planned. I purchased it when we were having trouble purchasing distilled water in gallon bottles, but I have continued because it takes so little effort.

Great for cpap

I use this for my cpap machine and it has saved me from having to buy distilled water from the store. I use a Wi-Fi connected block to set a timer for it to shut off at about 3 hours and 30 minutes so it doesn’t boil off all the water and prevent the crystallization process.

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