ROVSUN 4L Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller with Glass Collection

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1. EASY OPERATION: Just fill tap water up, push the button, it'll auto-off when done. Assembly is easy and so is cleanup, both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning. Low noise and you can run the unit overnight.

2. FAIR QUALITY: Fully 304 stainless steel Body / Inner tank / Inner cap / Water outlet / Water inlet, Aluminum fan, Soft Catheter to prevent leakage, 4L Shockproof Glass Container with handle, all materials used are food-grade, water doesn't touch plastic.

3. WORK EFFICIENTLY: 750W heating element makes it distill water up to 1 L/H. And it'll auto-off when done. Save money and you don't need to buy bottled water anymore.


What You Get:

1x Distiller

1x Water Bottle

1x Discharge Cap

1x Bottle Cap

1x Filter

1x Main Power Cord

1x Chamber Cleaning Powder

1x Water outlet soft catheter (Food grade)

3x Activated charcoal sachet

1x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Been using mine for several years now. Saves a lot of bottles. It does produce a little warmth, and is not as energy efficient as reverse osmosis. But the upfront cost is very low so that helps balance the long term energy costs. In the winter it's a passive radiative heater, but I tend to not use it as much in the summer for the same reason. I have to say the carafe is a beast and has been surprisingly durable. I have given it some whacks over the years as I'm a bit of a clutz.

Does what it should

It turns off after it's full, which is great. Set and forget

Very nice to have

I was getting pretty tired of having to go to the store often to purchase distilled water. Also, the plastic jugs were starting to make me feel horribly guilty. I tried to reuse the empty jugs for all sorts of things, but the amount of distilled water I go through left me with piles of plastic jugs.

I've run about five gallons of water through it. It makes a gallon a lot faster than I thought it would. It takes about three hours. I use the water in my aquariums, sensitive plants, to make clear and pretty ice cubes, and to steam iron clothing.

We have a well for the house that contains too much iron and other minerals. I'm super happy to have found a good solution.

Cheaper than buying from stores.

The distiller is very easy to use, make 1 gal. of water in about 3.5 to 4 hrs. and is easy to clean. I raise Venus fly traps that die unless distilled water is not used. I'm very happy with this distiller.

Works well.

So far have had good results. I threw out the first batch to get ride of any manufacturing debris and have had reading of 0 to 1 ppm since .Our water quality is good at 32 ppm at the sink and 30 with a filter, so there isn't much scaling on the inside of the distiller. The ph will drop afterward to about 6.1 but that is normal according to information I've read. We are boiling the water first in the kettle to remove any VOD/VOCs prior to distilling. It appears to be a good unit so far and we are happy with it.

The Credible Hulk
Drinking More Water Than Ever

Already saved enough to recoup cost. After filling the coffee maker reservoir, we fill a large glass dispenser.with the extra. Now we're drinking more water than ever. Helpful Hint: When distilling, don't allow unit to go completely dry. Much easier to clean the leftover crud.

Great value

Since we’ve started using this for our cpap humidifier, we have no residue in the chambers. Love this unit and it’s very worth the price!

Courtney Malecki
Great addition and works as it should

I love this product. I'm distilling mainly for my coffee maker, watering indoor plants, and diffuser. It works exactly.

Barbara Becker
Safer water

City water smells like chlorine. I don't want to drink it. Distilled water is safer and definitely smells better.

John Vargas
Highly recommended

I got the one with the glass container given that I aim to reduce plastics, especially if they make contact with food or drinks, and this distiller does not disappoint. The product description is highly accurate, You do need to do some maintenance prior to use, but that’s common with food appliances. It’s easy to clean and use.

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