ROVSUN 10L Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer Maker Meat Stuffer Heavy Duty with 5 Stuffing Tubes

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1. High Quality Material: All stainless steel frame, base plate, cylinder, and stuffing tubes, which are durable and corrosion-proof. Non-slip base ensures stability. Food-grade silicone seal rings with strong sealing capacity effectively control air in and out to reach great pressure effect

2. Large Capacity: 10L/15L removable cylinder is able to hold large amount of meat and save your time. Dismountable design makes it easy to fill and clean. Perfect for home and commercial use in supermarket, butcher shop, restaurant, kitchen, families, etc.

3. Adjustable Speed: 11 speeds variable from slow to fast. Adjustable speed setting with foot pedal control allows hands-free operation so that you can complete the whole process yourself, making sausage making process easily and efficiently. An user guide is provided making the process simple

4. 5 Bonus Accessories: Comes with 5 stainless steel stuffing tubes (Φ16 mm,Φ22 mm,Φ25 mm,Φ32 mm,Φ38 mm), which can meet different size requirements, great for making snack sticks, sausages, hot dogs, churros, etc. Comes with a brush, which makes clean easily


Cylinder Height
Stuffing Tube
Weight 55 lbs
15.4 lbs
14.4"L x 12.8"W x 26.8"H
ROVSUN Electric Sausage Stuffer Thank you for visiting our site! We are glad to give you a recommendation of this ROVSUN Electric Sausage Stuffer. Stainless steel frame ensures food security and safeguard your health. Removable design and the brush make it easy to clean. 10L large capacity can meet large demand of sausage, perfect for home and commercial use. Speed control with foot pad makes sausage making process easily and efficiently, saving more time from mechanized work. So what are you waiting for? Just take it home!

What You Get:

1 x Electric Sausage Stuffer

5 x Stuffing Tube

3 x Seal Ring

1 x Manual

1 x Brush

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
James P
Wish I would of gotten it sooner.

I can get about 23lbs of meet in it without overflowing coming over the top. I stay down an inch or so from the top to let the plunger get lined up inside the tube. I’m sure if you filled flush you could get close to 25lbs but have a mess on the top. Love it. Makes it easy for one person to run it. I make Deer SS, deer Sticks, and use it to fill vacuum bags with ground burger.

Nice Stuffer

I bought this and This worked very well and saved me hours of work. This machine has a long footpedal and is very easy to run with one person.

bs ny
first impressions

very quick delivery from seller (3-4 days). boxed in crate to protect from damgage.haven't had a chance to use yet.seems to be built pretty well.came with stuffer and motor with variable speed control knob,5 stainless stuffing tubes,two extra gaskets, and foot pedal with long cord.aprox 6 foot or more. plenty of length to get to the floor. very smooth plunging when trying out.put switch to up position and plunger goes up automatically. Remember Rovsun if your looking for a home stuffer for your venison processing or homemade sausages and snack sticks,this will be more than enough and a lot easier than using stuffing tubes on your person operation. cant wait to use it.will review again once I do.

Terrance Simmons
How well does this stuffer work?

I recently purchased this stuffer and I was surprised how well it worked. I’ve never made sausage so easy. The foot pedal is long enough to reach the floor from a normal counter height. I was very impressed with this product.

what a difference maker over others

What i like is it is big enough you do not spend all your time filling it up also it did not stop while stuffing from overheating like some smaller units we have used.

Scott Olsen
It works, and cheap!

So far so good, much much better than using a grinder attachment.

Jelena Petrovic
Highly recommended

We bought this for my father in law. Our family makes a ton of smoked sausages each year, and our father in law is the expert. He’s quite picky and always wants the best of the best that’s out there. This product exceeded even his high standards and expectations.

It saves so much time in the sausage making process, the electric foot-petal allows one person to do it all. Before we had to crank the old machine and two people had to be involved. It was exhausting when making in bulk.

Will purchase from this brand again for sure.

Very easy to use!

We’ve been so pleased to try our new machine and that was the best purchase so far! Very easy to use, very easy to clean! I would recommend anyone who’s considering to buy this sausage maker.

Jeff Schwartz
Easy to use

After using hand crank stuffers and a friend for the last decade to make sausage, I can't say enough about how easy this makes the process if you find yourself trying to stuff sausage by yourself. At half speed, I estimate it was stuffing 10lb/minute. It will go faster if you are comfortable with it, and it will go slower if you are not. It does have an air purge at the top of anyone was curious. It's half the price or less of big brands. I cannot speak to the longevity of it, but it seems well built. If you have stuffed sausage before, the learning curve is next to nothing. If you are doing sausage yourself, I use a 24" wooden disc on a lazy Susan bearing that can be spun to assist with coiling the rope of sausage. It works great. I am very happy with the purchase, and I would definitely recommend it to other sausage enthusiasts.

Amateur sausage making

Would be 5 atarts if it included better directions. Works beautifully!

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