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A washing machine is definitely required in each household. Today we are pleased to recommend this 21LBS (washer:14lbs, spinner:7lbs) Semi-automatic Twin Tube Washing Machine to you. This compact mini twin tub washing machine is perfect for those with a need to save time and effort from daily laundry. With a easy-to-operate control panel, you can set your desired time and mode. The washer produces the powerful water flow that effectively cleans clothes and reduces wear. Delicate and light weight makes the washer easily moveable as you need. Complicated life becomes easier because of this washing machine. Come and get one back home!


1. Easy to Operate: Simple design of the operation panel, wash timer, wash options, drain options, and spin timer, more easier to use. Allows you to simply put in your load of clothes, fill with water, set the timer and start washing. You can choose the suitable time based on clothes types.

2. 21LBS Large Capacity: Total capacity: 21lbs (washer:14lbs, spinner:7lbs), for doing light to heavy laundry loads. Perfect for washing various clothes, like T-shirt, trousers and towel etc. Use it to relieves you from hand washing! Save your time and wash more clean!

3. Equip with Drain Pump: Built-in drain pump drains dirty water. You can choose drain water to a higher position or a convenient place randomly. It is also equipped with a drain hose to easily drain out dirty water. More easier and suitable for most family.

4. Upgrade Design: With the first-grade stainless steel & plastic & PP material, it doesn't break your clothes during laundry. And it can keep your clothes as new! This unit features a 1300RPM powerful motor with a max frequency of 60Hz to wash more clean!

5. Portable & Widely Use: With a total weight of around 30.8 pounds, it can be easily moved and transported. The size of 25" x 15" x 28.5" (L x W x H) is suitable for limited space. Space-saving design for easy storage in apartments, dorms, RVs, bathroom or any other places.


Color Black
Material Plastic & PP
Power Supply 110V/60Hz
Washer Capacity 14 lbs
Spinner Capacity 7 lbs
Total Capacity 21 lbs
Wash Power 260W
Spin Power 140W
Motor Speed 1300rpm/mins
Weight 30.8 Pounds
Dimensions 25"L x 15"W x 28.5"H


What You Get:

1 x 21LBS Portable Washing Machine

Warm Notice:

1. Before shipping the machine to our warehouse, we do have QC testing on it for ensuring that the washing machine is working fine, so sometimes, it would be a very little remaining water in it, and we also add a desiccant in it for moisture absorption, but it is in new condition.

2. When doing the dehydrating in the spinner tub, please put the pressing plate on top to prevent small items such as socks from being thrown out and causing blockage of the drain pipe.

Product Manuals:

ROVSUN 21LBS Portable Washing Machine Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Awesome company, worth the buy

I have a tiny 1 bd room apt with no washer & dryer hook up... a trip to the laundry mat costing around $50 each trip (usually every 2 weeks), just out of the question at this point. I've been using it faithfully for the past couple months and it's definitely paid for itself. Of course it's not as big as a regular washer so it requires some extra labor. Every load I wash I probably do 3 spin cycles, so extra work.. and can be time consuming but it cleans nice, gets the job done, and is saving me tons of money. Now trips to the laundromat are not needed as often. Now if only I could get one of these big enough for my blankets

I call mine "Jesus," for he is my savior

I've had mine for about 3 months and I absolutely LOVE this thing. no more trips to my parents' or the laundromat; I can finally do my laundry at home! takes some strength and to move it around when anything is in it, but otherwise it's rather light for being a whole washing machine and spinner.

Worth It!!

Large washer is great. Spin cycle wrings out most of the water. Best to use in tub for quicker fill. Wish Inlet hose nozzle was wider. I use my shower head mostly or fill with bucket. Does take more time than the laundry mat but more convenient especially during winter. I usually do the wash cycle 3 times; 1 with detergent, 1 fabric softener and last water. Water is usually clear by 3rd cycle. Clothes smell fresh. I hang dry in bathroom with heater. Works great.

The best

Brought it for my wife she loves it 😀 😊 good value for your money 💰 great performance great 👍 product thanks and it doesn't use much water 😀

Paul Holman
It works as described

I got my washer and due to confines of motel room I had to set it up on a "TV table" so I could drain unit in tub. I really liked it's wash function, though it's a little difficult to rinse before spinning. For a small unit it works great.

Surprisingly Efficient and Easy to Use!!

Functions as intended, make sure to not go over the recommended weight limits for washing and spin-rinsing. It's really manual as in having to manually start the water fill and empty cycles, which for the price and its efficiency at washing is great.

Great machine and works well!

Bought this for my brother in his RV. He LOVES it. Fits right in his shower so he doesn't have to lug laundry to the laundry room on site-saves him time and money. Once washed and spun, he simply line dries his clothes and they are done in a nice amount of time. Considering getting one for myself to save $$ at my apartment building as laundry costs are so high.

Great portable washer

I was going back and forth on this washer. I've had a portable washer before. I couldn't find any videos or information on how the soak cycle works so here it is: if you put it on 30 minutes and I'll agitate for 1 minute and soak for four. and then just like every other portable washer it washes normally after the soak cycle. very pleased and a great price! Highly recommend.

If you are living in an apt or traveling in an RV you DO need this!

I had a larger version of this Washer by another maker first and it lasted several years with almost daily use but it was really too big for my space and my loads, so when the pump for the drain went out and the spin tub started slowing down after several years I decided to buy one slightly smaller and chose this one.
This one washes every bit as good as the first one, it does not have a pump to drain the water it's gravity fed instead which I kind of like better and this one is better for the size loads that I do but it will not do a comforter (like the bigger one I had first did).
The size of this one makes it easier to move around and to lift into my tub for when I do laundry, I plan to make a platform across the back of the tub to set it on full time so I don't have to store it in my closet. Very happy with the purchase, extra bonus it only takes a little over a tablespoon of laundry detergent to wash a load.


I love my washer machine, little but powerful.

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