ROVSUN 6L Stainless Steel Water Distiller Countertop White

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1. 900W High Power: Distill 1.58 gallon /4 hours,Volume: 6L. Auto-off when temp is over 320℉. And the unit virtually pays for itself compared to bottled water purchases.

2. User Friendly: Designed with on/off switch for easy operation. When plugged in, our water distiller will start to work automatically, and it will auto-off when done. When you need the second distillation, just press the reset button (on the front) to start the second round. Easy to assemble and clean. Both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning.

3. Excellent Quality: Body upgraded with flame-retardant material. 100% 304 stainless steel Inner tank / Inner cap / Water outlet / Water inlet, Aluminum fan, 6L Plastic Container with handle. All materials are food grade.

4. Wide Application: The water distiller can be used for making distilled water for humidifiers, steamers, making drinks, etc. And it comes with cleaning powder, charcoal sachets and a water outlet soft catheter. Low noise and you can run the unit overnight.


Color White
Volume 1.6 gal/6 L
Power 900W
Voltage 110V, 50Hz/60Hz
Gross Weight 12 lbs/5.44kg
Evaporation Degree 1.3L/H
Water Bottle Size 8" x 8"
Water Distiller Size 10.6"(Dia.) x 18"(H)
Fan Material Aluminum
Distiller Material Food-grade 304 stainless steel
Container Material Food-grade Plastic
Over-Temperature Auto-off when temp is over 320℉

What You Get:

 1 x Distiller

1 x Water Bottle

1 x Discharge Cap

1 x Bottle Cap

1 x Filter

1 x Main Power Cord

1 x Chamber Cleaning Powder

1 x Water outlet soft catheter (Food grade)

3 x Activated charcoal sachet

1 x Instruction Manual

Warm Notice:

1. Please fully insert the plug of the top cover and main power cord into the socket on the machine to avoid overheating and damage of the socket due to poor contact.

2. The sealing ring needs to be replaced once a year. 

Product Manuals:

ROVSUN 6L Water Distiller Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Prudence Remick
Great Water Distiller

We have two humidifiers that need to run continuously. The Rovsun 6L has been so helpful in keeping the humidifiers full. The Rovsun runs almost at least twice a day and works great.

Regina E.
We can drink our water now yay.

We have really really really hard bad stinky water. It does a great job. I just wish it was faster. OMG! What a difference.

Simple to use

Very simple to use. We use it to fill the water bin for the MistKing, humidifiers, coffee maker, etc. Because we have so many appliances that require distilled water, we constantly have it running. Just keep in mind that it’s quite large, and will take up space on the counter. It takes about four hours to complete a cycle.

Richard F
Handy for making your own distilled water.

Half the time I go to the store, they are out of distilled water (covid issues I guess). I have made about 25 gallons so far which I use to top off batteries in electric forklifts and golf-carts. I don't run a full cycle, I run about 3 hours and stop it before it boils it dry to save baking the residue onto the bottom of the unit and save wear on the thermostat that turns it off. After making a few gallons, I put an inch of water in the bottom and half a teaspoon of the included cleaner and plug it in for a minute to warm it up. I then unplug it and leave it overnight. By morning the bottom is sparkling clean with no scrubbing. Just rinse and it's ready to go. Making a gallon of water uses about 3KWHR of electricity which costs about 35 cents plus my time.

Phillip Hoffman
Easy way to make your own distilled water

It does exactly what it's supposed to do, it produces Pure Clean distilled water without that plastic taste that you get from store-bought distilled water. It is a bit noisy and does produce quite a bit of heat but I guess there's no way around that.

Luis Diaz

I use distilled water regularly for my carnivorous plants and it was getting difficult to get them consistently from the store. This solved my problem. Easy to use and clean with the cleaning powder that comes with it

Halli Goolsby
Works great!

So far so good! I have had this for under a week but it makes about a gallon every run and takes roughly 4hrs to do so. The automatic shut off is a lifesaver. This is going to save me so much money in the long run. The only issue I see is cleaning the tank, if you live somewhere with really hard water its going to take quite a bit of scrubbing (I have yet to do this). Still worth it in my opinion!

Happy Time
Great DIstiller!

Very easy to use, just make sure the nozzle is going into the bottle!
Pretty good price, it will take awhile to recoup the cost as a per gallon cost of retail, but at least I will have distilled water when I need it, rather than driving and paying up to $1.00 per gallon!
It does take 4 hours to make a gallon, but it cleans up easily, the cleaner they send with it works perfectly!

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