ROVSUN Chafing Dish Buffet Set 4 Rectangle + 2 Round Stainless Steel Chaffing Dishes

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The chafing dish buffet set elegantly display catering food straight from the oven onto the buffet table. Widely used to buffets, hotel breakfast and brunch areas, wedding, parties, banquets and any events.


1. Keep Food's Temperature: The frame includes a bottom tray which supports 2 fuel holders to store fuels for heating food, just like someone just turned the stove off.You can also put ice in the water pan if you want to cool down the food.Make sure your food stay as warm as it needs for buffet or events

2. Easy to Set Up & Perfect Packing: The chafing dish is easy and quick to set up ,it just takes one minute to finish setting up.And the chafing dish features with perfect packing,each pan is separated by paper, so there will be no stick

3. Upgrade Stainless Steel & Easy Cleaning: Made of 2mm thick food grade stainless steel all the items are tested to ensure safety and longevity, we can guarantee that you will receive safe and well built chafing dishes.And it is convenient for you to clean every corner of both the inner with dish washing liquid and dried with a soft towel.The food pan, water pan and cover are dishwasher safe.Moreover,external part with a round design and hollow handles are made to prevent scalding or hurt.

4. Complete Accessories Set: The chafing dish also has handles to ensure that the product can be moved with ease. Warm Tips: Fuel is not included.


▶▶Rectangle Chafing Dishes


1. Overall Dimensions: (22 x 14 x 11)" / (56 x 35 x 28)cm (L x W x H)

2. Inner Dimensions: (14 x 11)" / (35 x 28)cm (L x W)

3. Frame Height: 8.5" / 21.6cm

4. Food Pan Thickness: 2.5" / 6.4cm

5. Water Pan Thickness: 4" / 10cm

6. Alcohol Furnace Height: 2.5" / 6.4cm

7. Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel

8. Volume: 9 L / 8 Quart

9. Brand: ROVSUN

10. Color: Silver

11. Shape: Rectangle

12. Quantity: 2 Pcs

13. Can Serve: at Least 8 People(Single)


▶▶Round Chafing Dishes

1. Overall Dimensions: (13 x 9)" / (33 x 23)cm (Dia. x H)

2. Frame Height: 8.5" / 21.6cm

3. Food Pan Thickness: 2.5" / 6.4cm

4. Water Pan Thickness: 4" / 10cm

5. Alcohol Furnace Height: 2.5" / 6.4cm

6. Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel

7. Volume: 5 L / 5 Quart

8. Brand: ROVSUN

9. Color: Silver

10. Shape: Round

11. Quantity: 6Pcs

13. Can Serve: at Least 5 People(Single)

What You Get:

6 x Sturdy Frames

6 x Dome Covers

6 x Water Pans

6 x Food Pans

6 x Iron Sheets

12 x Fuel Holders

Using Tips:

1. This type of stainless steel cutlery is not suitable for cleaning with steel wool, it should be hand washed with hot soapy water and then rinsed thoroughly. Air dry immediately after washing. Avoid using salt solutions or acidic foods or harsh detergents to maintain the finish.

2. The chafing dish is used to keep food warm and cannot be used as a cooking tool. It is forbidden to put the chafing dish directly on the gas or induction stove.

3. Fuel is not included in the package and is to be prepared by yourself.


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