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A well-made juice is always a great dietary option for a quick and delicious meal but getting the right juice isn't always so easy. This ROVSUN JC-1 Hand Citrus Juicers Juice Extractor will work great for oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit and all other citrus fruit. It even eliminates pulp and seeds easily, perfects for restaurants, super markets, small grocery stores or for those who love freshly squeezed juice in the morning everyday. This is a perfect device to get the most out of your fruits so you get a great and delicious beverage that will get you going through the day.

-- Beautiful and reliable tabletop juice extractor. Stainless steel top strainer which eliminates pulp and seeds

-- Strong and durable iron connector and handle. Efficiently squeezes every drop of juice from the fruit

-- Superior taste and quality, extremely simple and safe to use

-- Made of cast iron and stainless steel, easy for quick cleaning

-- Professional & quality juice extractor for home


Capacity 0.6 Liters
Wattage 150W
Material Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Plastic
Item Weight
13.4 lbs
Dimensions 3.41"D x 2.79"W x 5.74"H

What You Get:

1 x Manual Citrus Juicer

1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Well made

Very nice and easy to use. Well made will probably get another one. For my Business

Car Guy
This is the One to Get!

If you have a lot of pomegranate or citrus to juice, this is the juicer to get. It is very stout and extracts a ton of juice from our pomegranates. We had a bumper crop this year and the wife froze a lot of delicious juice. This unit made the job tolerable and successful. I prefer this over previous electric juicers we have used.

A wonderful way to juice pomegranates, and its requires no electricity to do so. :).

Love this product. Works great! I like the top black lever cap ,it keeps the handle safely out of the way as the vendor advertised. The price point is very good as others sell same or similar for more.

Removal llc
Easy to use

I had a juicer before paid over $200 it sucked . This juicer is fantastic. I also bought one for my son .

Best purchase of the summer

This thing was worth every penny. If you only squeeze the occasional lime, you don't need it. But usually when I need lemons or limes squeezed, I'm making something that requires lots of juice and it's just such an awful process by hand. This thing gets lots of juice per fruit, is super sturdy, and comes apart to clean. My only criticism is that the top piece that comes down on the fruit does not come off, so you have to clean that creatively. Otherwise, if you have the space for it, get it!!

Works exactly as advertised.

Nothing complicated about this unit. Nothing to setup. Just wash and start using.

Advice to all:
- Place unit on towel, rubber feet will leave drag marks on light colored stone, i.e. corian, marble, other natural stone.
- Use the little black plastic guard when the handle is up. This is a safety measure.

Enjoy and drink.

Works Great.

This is an old school type product. Back in the day every soda fountain had one so they could make a lemonade or limeade with fresh lemons and limes. I bought one to make orange juice from fresh oranges. Seeds and pulp filters so that you just get juice. The machine weighs more than I thought it would but when pulling the lever down to put pressure on the fruit, the weight is appreciated. Tip: Put the oranges in the fridge long enough to get them cold before making juice. Warm orange juice isn't as good as cold orange juice. Great product. I knew what I was getting when I ordered.

Good product

Good product

kelly chesnet
Kids love it

Works great, kids love to make fair style homemade lemonade

Good juice presser

The press works well. It gets the job done. Heavy but sturdy. So far, so good.

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