ROVSUN 13 LBS Compact Portable Full-Automatic Washing Machine

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This ROVSUN 13 LBS fully automatic washing machine can help you wash dirty clothes quickly. Using first-class stainless steel, plastic and PP materials, your clothes will not be damaged during the washing process.  Mini portable washing machine takes up little space. It is constructed with spacious capacity and powerful motor washes up to 13lbs of laundry to sooner wash your clothes, sheets and dedicates, almost meets the washing needs of the whole family.


1. Large Wash and Spin Capacity: This electric clothes washer is constructed with spacious capacity and powerful motor washes up to 13lbs of laundry to sooner wash your clothes, sheets and dedicates, almost meets the washing needs of the whole family

2. Full-Automatic Smart Washer: Relieve yourself from manual washing with our portable laundry washing machine. Automatically start washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles to clean and dry clothes after setting the mode according to the amount and material of clothes we put in it; which makes our life easier

3. Easy Operating: Operating this washing machine is an easy-understanding and enjoyable laundry experience, convenient for people even for the elder and child to operate. Featured with 10 washing modes, 8 water levels selections and indicator light on the control panel for simple daily washing

4. Built-in Drain Pump: Our potable washer features a BUILT-IN drain pump which effortlessly automatically drains water from the washer. Comes with inlet hose and a clamp, this clamp can help you fit the faucet tightly, avoid hose falling off.


1. Brand: ROVSUN
2. Color: Gray
3. Shelf Material: PP Plastic
4. Metal Motor: Aluminum
5. Inner Tub: Stainless Steel
6. Product Dimension:(19.8 x 20.5 x 33.6)" (L x W x H)
7. Net Weight: 50lb
8. Form Factor:Top-Loading
9. 8 Water Level: 1L,2L, 3L,4L,5L, 6L, 7L, 8L
10. Rated Voltage And Frequency: 110V/60Hz
11. Rated Wash/Spincapacity: 13lb
12. Length Of Inlet Pipe: 39"
13. Length Of Drain Pipe: 39"

What You Get:

1 x Full Automatic Washing Machine

1 x Manual Book

1 x Rat-proof Board

1 x Drain Pipe(Only available for gravity draining fully automatic washing machines)

1 x Inlet Pipe(Only available for gravity draining fully automatic washing machines)


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Portable & powerful

Works great, washes good!


I’m in love with it, does what it needs to be done. I live on an apartment (2nd floor) and it works perfectly quiet but strong. PLEASE MAKE SURE you attach the water hose drain to something so you don’t have water all over the floor by mistake like I did because I completely forgot.

Go ahead and buy it

I bought this after my other portable washer's bearing went out. I was hesitant before purchasing because it was priced higher than others but now I'm glad I bought it.

Works as advertised.

This came in perfect condition. I did have to buy a standard hose to hook up for my standard hook ups in my apartment. I'm about 20 loads in and it's been great! A lifesaver and keeps me from the laundry mat! I hope it last. Honestly if it last a year I will just buy another one. Lol.

Fits the RV

We replaced our 1999 Kenmore with this unit because Kenmore doesn’t have the right size unit. This uses only cold water which is fine, fit in our space, runs quietly, clothes are clean, spun well. Does its job. Light weight and easy to get in the rv.

Amazing portable washer!

Worth your money and time! Also very convenient if you don’t have washer and dryer hookup at your apartment! This portable washer is very quiet and washes very well! Amazing product and has many different modes for washing! I would suggest buying a cart so it doesn’t scratch the floor, easy to move, and locks into place!

jessie murray
Greatest Compact Washer I've ever owned.

Great larger compact washer! I love mine does a great job washing. My clothes always come out looking very nice. The only issues I've came across my dryer is smaller "compact" also but mini however my compact Washer washes a larger amount of clothing than my compact dryer can hold so I have to divide the load into smaller loads to dry. I've been able to wash a queen size comforter in this washer and live by a laundromat so I take my stuff to the dryers there if my mini dryer can't do the job. I wish to find a bigger compact dryer for my washer but I've been unsuccessful with finding a larger compact dryer to compliment my washer. The price is fair even though I did get a coupon at checkout when I bought mine. I hope the company produces a matching dryer for this washer. I most definitely would purchase it!

Works well, very lightweight, and simple

So far I've washed comforters in it as well as a favorite backpack I use. You cannot dump large loads in. But you can run half sized loads no problem at all. For drainage, you can simply hang this out a window and do the job, or even run it into a drain. It's your call in that regard. So if you have a tap in your house that a regular garden hose is capable of fitting into, you can use that and a female connector to do the job.

That's all. So far this has been a delightful thing for me who hates our local laundromats due to irregular hours and frankly questionable water supply.

This thing is perfect

This laundry machine is perfect for a 2 person apartment. My complex does not have laundry hookups. So i bought this and it attaches directly to my bathroom sink. It gets clothes as clean as any other washing machine and with no time at all.

Ulanda Mincey
I received my replacement

I'm in love with this machine it's bigger than I expected an it's very quiet very easy to operate

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