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Love it!

Awesome little dryer. Quick dry time and very quiet. Highly recommend!

Very very Please with the quality

Looks very good and solid

I like it what l expected!

Very nice ! Gold looks good & good quality gold pan

Good quality

These met my expectations. Got a lot of compliments.

Beautiful and much better than expected

Given these are shipped from oversees and had a variety of reviews, I was skeptical when I ordered. But these are GREAT. They look incredible, arrived clean, in great condition, and the metal is incredibly shiny. They look very professional and could work for any type of event.

We use these for hosting thanksgiving, but these look good enough to host a fairly nice dinner event at your home or similar. Will only buy this exact version again if these are needed.

One note, these are very large.

Great for parties and gatherings

Bought these for a bday party to keep the food warm. Easy to use and love the ability to fold down the stands.

Perfect perfect perfect

Easy to put together did the job lid holder was great too! Looked great

Beautiful Set!

This is a great set for a homeowner or small business. Not heavy gauge like those for commercial use. Since it is lighter it is very convenient to use and light enough for anyone to use. They look beautiful lined up for serving. Made the perfect set up for our family buffet service.

Great Customer service

One of the chafer was delivered damaged, but the company sent an email showing how to correct the problem and were immediate in their response. The Chafers look great, great quality, and very professionally finished.

A Great Deal and Great Looking Too!

The ROVSUN Electric 9QT Chafing Dish Buffet Set came just two days after I ordered it by UPS. I was surprised by how quickly it came. I was a little concerned because it ships directly from the seller. Amazon just collects the money and does the paperwork. For $109, I wasn’t sure what I would get but was pleasantly surprised. It seems well built, but not overengineered. It is relatively light at about 14lbs. The roll top has a bright mirror finish and works perfectly. It also comes with one full and two half food pans making it very versatile. Included is a very sturdy but not particularly long power cord. I ordered just one unit because there were not many reviews, and one said the company was unresponsive when part of their order was missing. The reviewer said they had ordered three and only one arrived. Just a side note here: At the time of this writing, it was cheaper to buy one at a time than to buy a two or three pack.
So, the first thing I wanted to do was to make sure it works because it looks great! Sturdy and shiny: two things that work well with food equipment. Normally, you fill the reservoir with hot water. Otherwise, it can take a while to come temperature. I wanted to be sure it was working so I used cold water, about 67 degrees Fahrenheit. In less than one hour it brought the unit to 160 degrees. Eventually it reached 200 with the control set to maximum. Using hot water in the future will make heating to the desired temperature go quickly. The control knob is easy to use, feels solid and the temperature display is bright. I don’t know how it would fare in a commercial setting, but I can tell you it seems built well enough for many years of home use. As of now, I highly recommend it, especially at this price point. I will be ordering two more.

Quality product!

I like the product and quick service. The only thing I don't like is that I have to pay almost $30 for shipping. It's bit much in this day and age of free shipping.

Great value

These worked perfectly for our event. We will be using them frequently. Great value for the money!

Pleased with the warmer

As advertised. All good

Sturdy, good looking!

Purchased for a resident event, we opted for this brand of chaffing dish to avoid a cheap looking product.

These hit the nail on the head, will purchase more of this brand in the future!

Great support

Great support helped me find exactly what I needed. Payment and shipping was easy and fast.

These were perfect!

Perfect for my 50th party! We will be able to use them again and again. They are stunning.

This worked great!

Nice and large. Very pleased, easy to put together and made our Thanksgiving perfect! Kept food warm the entire time without drying it out! Highly recommend !

Worked as expected

All in all, glad I had them and I am sure they will come in handy in the future.

love them

they were better than expected, love the extra tool to hold lid


I was shocked to see how big this was..I just made first batch.. Very good quality... Love it only question I have is what is the fuse knob for?

I haven’t used them yet

Very nice looking, can’t wait to use them this summer.

Great warmer

This warmer is so reliable and easy to set up and use. The food is easy to serve with the roll top lid. The warmer does a super fantastic job of easily serving and keeping your food items hot. Love it!

ROVSUN 9 QT Rectangular Roll Top Chafing Dish Buffet Set with Full Size Pan & Visual Glass Window Gold 1/2/3 Packs

Good Product

Very happy with the purchase. EASY to put together, use and maintain at a decent price to boot. Highly recommended.